New Book: True Beauty

“Finally . . . the book I’ve been wishing someone would write—a book that helps women like me who obsess about our own beauty (or more accurately, our lack there-of) to the detriment of our souls and our witness to the beauty and sufficiency of Christ.” ~Nancy Guthrie

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Jul 23
Teens and Emotions: A Time to Talk
by Carolyn Mahaney If one word captures the priority for our children’s emotions in the teen years, it is “conversation.” We find this command in Scripture: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And... Read More
Jul 21
A Remarkable View of Suffering
by Carolyn Mahaney “Things put into the furnace properly can be shaped, refined, purified, and even beautified. This is a remarkable view of suffering, that if faced and endured with faith, it can in the end only make us better, stronger, and more filled with greatness and joy.”... Read More
Jul 17
Reassuring Words for Changing Emotions
by Janelle Bradshaw I guess Mom wasn’t as surprised when, a few years after my sisters, my emotions began to change, because she was quick to assure me it was normal. I remember one of the first times I got over-emotional about something. My dad had brought me... Read More