New Book: True Beauty

“Finally . . . the book I’ve been wishing someone would write—a book that helps women like me who obsess about our own beauty (or more accurately, our lack there-of) to the detriment of our souls and our witness to the beauty and sufficiency of Christ.” ~Nancy Guthrie

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Jan 28
The Snare of Compare
by Nicole Whitacre Here at girltalk and fam we are at various stages of recovering from the nasty flu virus that’s been going around. so new content will have to wait a few days. Here’s a reminder of what we were talking about last year at this time.... Read More
Jan 21
Q&A: Should I Make My Daughter Have a Quiet Time?
by Carolyn Mahaney My ten-year-old daughter told me she feels like she has heard about God all her life but he feels far away from her. I am trying not to panic as a mom. I know I have felt that way too before. But I am not... Read More
Jan 13
A New Approach to Friendship
by Nicole Whitacre After church on Sunday I was chatting with a friend about friendships. Friends are a big issue for us as women. Our friends and family are often the center of our world. They consume a majority of our time and attention. And that’s a good... Read More


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