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Hi and welcome to girltalk! We’re a mom and three daughters talking about biblical womanhood–how to adorn the gospel of Jesus Christ as a Christian woman, a Christian wife, and a Christian mother–and other fun stuff.

We’re always talking. The conversation begins each morning at the crack of dawn with a much-appreciated wake up call from Mom. (We’ve dubbed it the 5 O’Clock Club and you can join too.) We’re always in touch throughout the day via text or phone: What’s that yummy recipe you made last week? I am so behind on laundry. How’d it go today with that doctor’s appointment? You’ll never guess what my youngest did... On Sunday evenings our loud and happy family (all 21 of us!) sit around the dinner table and talk for hours.

When we were little, Mom used to tuck us into bed at night and talk to us about our day. We’d tell her our funny stories (at least we thought they were funny and she laughed like they were), share what we were sad or scared about, and ask every ridiculous, random question we could think of to postpone bedtime just a little longer.

We kept talking through the teen years about friends and boys and grades, body changes and dreams for our future. Most important of all, we talked about Jesus Christ our Savior, and what it meant to live for him and not for ourselves (2 Cor. 5:15).

After we each got married, we talked to Mom more than ever. We had tons of questions about marriage, and then motherhood, homemaking and church life, and what it means to be a godly woman. Then, in 2005 we started this blog and invited you to listen in on the conversation.

Think of this site as your seat at Mom’s kitchen table. Here we study God’s Word, discuss life issues, ask questions, share advice, open our hearts, confess sin, and receive grace. Here encouragement is on tap and laughter overflows. It is where the gospel is prized most of all. It’s every day Titus 2. So pull up a chair and join our little chat, won’t you? We’d love to have you in the conversation–it’s bound to be a lively one.

We all talk. We all write for girltalk. But we also have our special jobs.

Carolyn Mahaney is Mom and editor-in-chief. She is the happy wife of CJ, who is the senior pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. She is an amazing mom to her four children and her twelve grandchildren adore her. As a pastor’s wife for more than thirty years, she has spoken to women in many churches and conferences. She is the author of Feminine Appeal, Girl Talk, Shopping for Time, and True Beauty. But she’s happiest making game time snacks for Dad and Chad, hanging out with her family, talking to her girls (of course!) and handing out treats to visiting grandchildren.

Nicole Whitacre is the main writer for girltalk. She loves being a wife to Steve and mother to two boys and two girls, two of whom were adopted from Ethiopia. Nicole has coauthored Girl Talk, Shopping for Time, and True Beauty with Mom. If you’re looking for Nicole, you’ll probably find her reading a book–with her husband, to her kids, or in those rare moments when she is by herself. She loves Brit lit and all mysteries, and is slogging her way through the Western canon.

Kristin Chesemore is girltalk’s business manager and she’s a wiz at crunching numbers and balancing books. Kristin might look sweet, but underneath she’s a ruthless bargain hunter. Her hobbies are cleaning her house, and cleaning it some more, which is why we still think it’s hilarious that she has three boys, and then one adorable little girl. The love of her life is Brian (“Pastor B” to all of us).

Janelle Bradshaw is the official girltalk photographer and food taster. She’s the baby girl of the family and has the mischievous personality that usually comes with that position. When she’s not scheming about what fun activity to plan next, she and her husband, Mike, are driving around town on photo shoots with their minivan full of children, three girls and a boy. You can check out her pictures on our site at 52home or purchase her artwork at 52homeart.com.

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