Apr 30

“Pick One Spot” Contest Winners

2007 at 4:43 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney

Wow! You all have been busy. We received a deluge of amazing “before” and “after” photos for our “Pick One Spot” contest. While we wish we had enough money to reward everyone for their hard work, hopefully you are all enjoying a newly beautified closet or room.

You didn’t make this easy for us—there were so many remarkable transformations! After much deliberation, however, we managed to narrow it down to five runners-up and one grand-prize winner. Each of the runners-up will receive $25 and the grand-prize winner will receive $100, good for making another spot in her home beautiful.

For the next four days we’ll be posting “before” and “after” pictures of the winners. Friday we’ll reveal the identity of the winner of the $100 prize. Today we have two runners-up for you:

Priscila is a young mom who wrote to say: “Thanks for the incentive. I finally got the push I needed and was able to clean our office/spare bedroom which was a total chaos…I have been enjoying the clean room so much since last weekend that I even forgot to send you guys the email.”







Our second runner-up is a student named Rebekah who was inspired to get her bedroom organized in time for graduation.



Congratulations to you both!

Apr 27

Spring Clean Contest

2007 at 5:33 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

Stockxpertcom_id220728_size11_2 Ladies, we are on countdown. You have until midnight tonight to send in your “before” and “after pictures for our spring clean contest. To all of you who have already sent in your entries, we are pouring over your pics and loving all of the progress. We have seen some pretty amazing transformations. So much fun!

9 hours to go…

Apr 21

Saturday Funnies

2007 at 1:19 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

No worries, everyone. We’re all fine here at the girltalk blog. I just completely forgot to put up the Friday Funnies yesterday. But I think I have a good excuse, don’t you? I sure hope none of you were up in the night checking your computer to see if we’d posted your weekend laugh yet. Here it is, finally, thanks to Brian, a “bloke” from Wales whose wife reads girltalk. I’m off to change a diaper. Hope the rest of your weekend is full of joy in Christ!

for Carolyn, Kristin, and Janelle

Apr 20

A Wifely Appeal

2007 at 1:07 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney

Stockxpertcom_id192174_size1If you haven’t yet perused John Piper’s article on “submission” that we highlighted in yesterday’s post, may I request you stop now and go read it? It’s too good to pass up!

One point Dr. Piper makes in his article is that “there will be times in a Christian marriage when the most submissive wife, with good reason, will hesitate at a husband’s decision. It may look unwise to her.” He goes on to encourage wives to express their misgivings in a manner that endorses her husband’s leadership and affirms him in his role as head.

How do we share a concern with our husband in a God-honoring way? John Ensor explains in his new book, Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart:

“[A husband] will be far more apt to give [consideration to his wife’s appeal] when it is heard as an appeal or a suggestion rather than a directive. Think of it as the difference between casting a flashlight down the path versus pointing it in his face. Direct light causes us to close our eyes. Indirect light, pointed away from them, cause us to strain to see.”

Let’s purpose as wives to wisely use our flashlights! If we think our husband has made an unwise decision, we aren’t to simply keep our mouths shut and hope things will turn out alright. Rather, we should put our trust in God and lovingly and humbly appeal—in a manner that makes it easy for our husbands to see.

Apr 19

Piper on Submission

2007 at 6:26 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Marriage | Submission

Piper1 Today we want to refer you to an oustanding article by John Piper entitled “The Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission.” Here’s an excerpt that will surely make you want to read more:

“A Christian woman does not put her hope in her husband, or in getting a husband. She does not put her hope in her looks. She puts her hope in the promises of God…She looks away from the troubles and miseries and obstacles of life that seem to make the future bleak, and she focuses her attention on the sovereign power and love of God who rules in heaven and does on earth whatever he pleases. She knows her Bible, and she knows her theology of the sovereignty of God, and she knows his promise that he will be with her and help her strengthen her no matter what. This is the deep, unshakeable root of Christian womanhood.”

What did I tell you? This article is worth reading, studying, and sharing with friends. Or, if you prefer, you can listen, or even watch Dr. Piper deliver this sermon.

Apr 18

Tori and Me

2007 at 5:52 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood

NictoriblogMy little Tori turned two weeks old yesterday. She’s doing very well—loves to eat and sleep and let her big brother Jack put her passy in her mouth.

It’s impossible to adequately thank all of you for your prayers over the past two years as we wondered if we could have more children, then during morning sickness and finally as I faced a high-risk delivery. Thank you for caring for me in trial and for rejoicing with me in the blessing of this little one. Your emails of encouragement and congratulations mean so much to me and I intend to save them to show them to Tori one day.

Several of you have kindly inquired about the somewhat abrupt end to the birth-day coverage two weeks ago. I am so grateful for your care and concern. As you already know, I ended up needing a D&C procedure following Tori’s birth. The placenta had attached itself to the c-section scar and needed to be removed. God was gracious and the procedure was successful.

However, in the process I lost a lot of blood (about twice as much as women normally lose in childbirth). This was further complicated by the fact that I was already anemic going into delivery. So the next day, the doctor ordered a blood transfusion and put me on an iron regimen. In addition, a number of potentially serious concerns surfaced within the first twenty-four hours of Tori’s birth—related to both my and Tori’s health.

In the midst of the transfusion and tests and consultations with various doctors, Mom, Janelle and Kristin were so busy helping Steve care for Tori and me that they were unable to update the blog.

While the nature of the potential concerns is probably not appropriate to mention in this context, we were very grateful to receive back favorable test results on all fronts within about thirty-six hours. And both Tori and I came home from the hospital only three days after she was born.

My recovery has been slow due to the anemia. I still have a ways to go before my numbers reach “normal” range again. But I am thanking God for His faithfulness in preserving my life and giving us a healthy little girl. And I am thankful to you for your prayers.

Hope you enjoy these pics Janelle snapped of my little girl!





Apr 17

Tragedy at Virginia Tech

2007 at 3:46 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Suffering

Vt Grief, fear and questions abound in the wake of yesterday’s horrible shooting at Virginia Tech. Only in God’s Word and the saving message of the gospel can comfort, hope and answers be found. The following are some biblical resources we hope you find helpful as you interact with unbelievers, or maybe even grieve for a loved-one or comfort someone whose family was affected by this, or any other tragedy.

To equip you to discuss the problem of evil in the world today, we want to encourage you to listen to yesterday’s Albert Mohler radio program entitled “Tragedy in Blacksburg: Explaining Evil in a Morally Confused Age.” Here Dr. Mohler provides the biblical answer to the question everyone is asking: “How does something like this happen?”

Even if we aren’t personally affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy, events such as these can have a troubling effect on our souls. If you are tempted to fear or doubt, learn from the prophet Habakkuk in this audio message from CJ, third in a three-part series called “When Life Doesn’t Make Sense.”

Maybe some of you know families who are living through this tragedy—or another difficult trial. John Piper’s 21 suggestions for how to comfort the hurting (first posted after 9-11) is an invaluable tool as we seek to care for those we love.

Please join us in praying that the God of all comfort would comfort those who are grieving and that the saving message of the gospel would go forth in the midst of this tragic event.

Apr 16

Mom and Baby Update

2007 at 7:47 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

Many thanks to all of you that have asked about Nicole and Tori. She has been so blessed by your care. She will be posting the full story sometime this week complete with new pics. Until then I have included a couple of pics for you to enjoy right now.