Apr 3

Birthday Diaries: Entry Two

2007 at 11:16 am   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Motherhood

Nicsflower_3Okay, we are all checked in to the hospital and Nicole is doing great! IV is in and she is getting filled with fluid. She is 2 centimeters dilated. She isn’t in any pain yet, but she has been asking anyone that pokes their head into her room (doctors, nurses, cafeteria workers) if they can give her an epidural. The nurse just came in to start Pitocin, so things should start to pick up here soon. I haven’t checked out the cafeteria here yet, but I will keep you updated on all fronts as things progress.

Apr 3

Birth Day Diaries: Entry One

2007 at 8:30 am   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood

Stockxpertcom_id416797_size1_1_1_1 This “first thing in the morning picture” was Janelle’s idea, so you can blame her if it’s a bit too much to take in before your coffee. At least she was brave enough to do it first. As you can tell, I’m not quite awake in this shot—only able to get one eye fully open. But I’ve had my shower now (although not my usual cup of coffee with three scoops of sugar!) so I’m semi-awake and we’re ready to take off. Actually, I’m late (as usual), but in this case they can’t start without me.

Before I leave (and Janelle takes over posting) I want to thank you for your prayers. So many of you have told me you are praying for me today and as we’ve quoted Mr. Spurgeon before on this blog, there is no truer kindness you can do me.

I look forward to introducing you to my new daughter Tori later today!


Apr 2

Tori Update (and Mom, The Legend)

2007 at 4:16 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood

Stockxpertcom_id416797_size1_1_1_1 To my surprise, I have something to report today. Apparently I’ve been making progress this week and I am now “fully inducible” according to the doctor. So, TOMORROW morning at 7:00 a.m. I will be induced and hopefully little Tori’s birthday will be 4-3-07. This makes my husband happy because four plus three is seven (One of the many reasons I don’t quite understand men!) I’m just happy the wait is cut short by twenty-four hours. So, if you are interested, please check in throughout the day. Janelle will be posting updates as often as she is able.

In truth, I’m glad baby Tori is coming tomorrow because tonight is Chad’s belated birthday celebration. My little brother turned fourteen last week but we were unable to celebrate as he was recovering from a stomach virus. So, we rescheduled his party to correspond with the NCAA finals tonight.

Speaking of which….

Stockxpertcom_id411127_size1_3 For all of you tracking Mom’s status in the family brackets, you’ll be happy to know her victory is all but assured. The only contender is my own wonderful husband Steve. But the best he can do is tie her score if Ohio State wins. If Florida wins, then of course Mom takes it all.

This would make her a genuine hero to the boys of one friend of ours. Laurie wrote to tell us that “you are now legendary in my home. This time, not because of your books, not because of the sound of your voice ringing through the kitchen on a regular basis via teaching, but because of your astounding accuracy in choosing the final four. I have overheard my sons at least twice say in awed tones, ‘my mom knows a lady who picked ALL FOUR of the final four on her bracket!’”

See you on the other side of labor and delivery!