Jul 16

Friday Funnies

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This morning, there was an earthquake here in Washington, DC. Crazy! There was a loud rumble that reached some sort of crescendo and shook things up a bit. I guess that’s what 3.7 feels like.

Of course, it was nothing compared to the earthquakes many of y’all have experienced; but for DC locals, it was “breaking news.”

I thought it was funny to learn how each member of our family reacted. Keep in mind that it was 5:04 a.m.

Me – I immediately thought: “earthquake.” But then I didn’t think we could get those around here.

Mike- Was sure his worst fears had come true, and that one of the huge trees in our yard had finally fallen on the house.

Caly- Woke up screaming bloody murder and wondering why the house was “wiggling.”

Mom – “DC has been bombed!”

Dad – Like father, like daughter, he thought earthquake.

Chad – Zzzzzzz…

Kristin – Zzzzzzz…

Brian – “Wow, that was some loud thunder.”

Steve – told Nicole it was the train near their house. Tough day for him, as he prides himself on knowing about things like earthquakes. Maybe next time, Stevie!

Nicole – Didn’t remember the train ever shaking the house like that before. She thinks every loud rumble is a bomb or an earthquake. For once, she was right.

Did I mention that Chad and Kristin slept right through it?

All right, to be fair, Kristin had a very late meeting last night. And Chad, well, Chad is a teenage boy.

Ok, we’re off to Tennesse this weekend, but check back Monday to see what we have planned for the next two weeks.

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Jul 15

Getting Ready for Vacation

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You know you have kids when you tell people that you will be leaving for vacation in “3 sleepies.” Obviously, we are on countdown here at the Bradshaw household; we’ll be heading to Tennessee on Sunday with the whole Mahaney clan.

If you are planning to take a vacation, and like me, need to prepare to serve others and glorify God, here are a few links from the girltalk and cheap seats archives you might find helpful:

First, check out my dad’s three part series on leadership and family vacations. You can leave it up on your computer screen for when your husband “happens” to walk by.

Then, for some easy vacation cooking ideas, you might like these recipes.

If you need a reminder to keep fighting remaining sin—which doesn’t take a vacation—this post by Nicole will encourage you to prepare accordingly.

You definitely don’t want to forget to make wonderful memories. Read about that here.

And the hardest part of vacation—coming home. This post will help ease you into normal life again.

I hope this little sampling serves you as you prepare for your trip. I’m signing off, because I only have 3 more sleepies to get ready!

Jul 14

Fathers, Sons, and Sports Radio

2010 at 10:44 am   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Fun & Encouragement

My brother Chad, and his friend, Zach, have been doing an internship this week with David Stein, host of “The David Stein Show: A Celebration of Life Through Sports.” The boys joined David on the air from 2-6 each morning; and today, on “Humble Wednesday” (yes, this is a rather unique sports show) Chad and Zach answered the question: “Who has influenced you the most through sports?”

I think you’ll enjoy their answers—even if you don’t like sports, and especially if you do.

Zach went first (episode 7, 6:06).

Listen online.

Chad answered next (episode 8, 5:19).

Listen online.

Then Dad called in and talked with host David Stein.

Listen online (episode 11). Listen online (episode 12).

(Picture courtesy, David Stein; left to right-Zach Newquist, Chad Mahaney, David Stein)

Jul 13

Our Book Translations

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When Alice emailed us recently and asked if Feminine Appeal had been translated into Korean, we realized we never told you which of our books are available in various languages. Unfortunately Feminine Appeal is not in Korean yet, but Girl Talk and Shopping for Time have been translated—and they have beautiful cover art!

Here’s a complete list of translations for Feminine Appeal, Girl Talk and Shopping for Time, along with links to websites where you can purchase them. We are so humbled and grateful to these publishers for translating our books. We pray they will serve many women who read them in their native language.

Feminine Appeal

· Chinese (Simplified) – published by ZDL Books

· German – published by 3L Verlag

· Portuguese – published by Editora Vida

· Russian – published by Grace Publishing International, available here

Girl Talk

· Korean – published by Sallim Publishing Co., available here

· Russian – published by Grace Publishing International, available here

Shopping for Time

· Korean – published by Sallim Publishing Co., available here

Jul 12

Teaching Kids About Money

2010 at 3:14 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Motherhood

Last week, my son Andrew earned his first ten dollars mowing our neighbor’s yard. He’s learning the value of hard work and the benefits of diligent labor; but his father and I also want to instill in him principles of godly stewardship of money.

This isn’t easy. We’re raising our children in a culture where people seek identity in wealth and satisfaction from material possession. And because of sin in our children’s hearts (and, if we’re honest, in our hearts too!), they won’t grow into wise, honest, generous, God-fearing financial stewards without our help.

We need to teach them what the Bible says about money and train them to handle it according to biblical principles. That’s why I’m grateful for Randy Alcorn’s recent article, “Training Your Children to Manage Money.”

Mr. Alcorn suggests ten ways to help your children gain a biblical perspective on money and manage it wisely, including some creative ideas I’d never thought of before, such as: Take a field trip to a junkyard!

May this article provoke us all to teach to our kids about money while they are young and their earnings meager. Let’s pass on godly values that our children can carry with them into adulthood.

HT: Justin Taylor