Jul 1

A Little Competition

2010 at 5:12 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Motherhood

Kristin’s middle son, Liam, was born with his Pop-Pop’s (Mahaney that is) competitive nature. He turns every ordinary situation into a contest, which must have a champion and a loser. And while his parents are working hard to channel this competitive drive toward godliness, as the auntie, I just get to smile and enjoy this little guy.

Liam’s latest competition has been between the Mahaney grandchildren. There have always been more grandsons than granddaughters and to Liam, that means the boys are “winning.”

But Liam’s winning streak has been threatened by the news that his mommy is having a girl. The birth of baby Claire will bring the boys and girls even. And you know what that means: my new baby is going to determine the new winner. That’s a lot of pressure when you consider that the self-appointed captain of the boy’s team has a fierce desire to “win” this one.

Well, I had my sonogram yesterday and the results are in.

“Liam, congratulations! Your team is going to remain in first place. Auntie Na-Na is having a boy. I know he is going to be proud to play on your team.”