Sep 16

Just The Way I Am

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(this post by CJ is reprinted from the cheap seats blog )

This weekend I had the privilege of serving our friends at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. I love this church and preaching there is a pure joy because they are so attentive and responsive. And I always benefit from my interaction with members of the pastoral team, whom I deeply respect.

But there was a unique highlight on this trip in meeting Krista Horning.

Krista, now 23 years old, was diagnosed with Apert syndrome the day after her birth and has since undergone more then 60 surgeries. (I simply cannot comprehend that!) But you would probably never know that Krista has spent so much time in hospitals if you were to see her pronounced joy evident in her beautiful smile.

Krista is also the author of the new book Just the Way I Am: God’s Good Design in Disability (Desiring God, 2009). When it was released I received a copy from my friend Jon Bloom at Desiring God. I immediately read the book when it arrived and was deeply moved as I read it. I think you will be as well.

In the foreword, Joni Eareckson Tada writes:

Every child goes through the “Why?” stage. Kids and questions go together. But it gets tougher when, with doleful eyes, a child asks, “Why don’t my legs work like the other kids?” or “Why did God make me this way?”

Krista Horning is a young woman heaven-bent on helping children find answers. Especially the Answer, Jesus Christ. With a tenderness tempered by her own physical challenges, Krista considers it her life’s calling to lovingly lead kids with disabilities beyond their questions to discover just how wise and sovereign God really is.

The bulk of the book features photographs of joyful children at Bethlehem Church who suffer from disabilities. The photographs are complemented with biblical promises. Joni’s foreword is followed later in the book with a pastoral meditation by David Michael and a brief biography of Krista’s life written by her mother Mary (meeting the rest of the Horning family—Mary, her husband, son, and daughter—was another highlight from the trip!). Krista’s book concludes with application questions and a brief list of gospel truths by John Piper.

Just the Way I Am is a unique and valuable resource for parents and pastors who get asked the honest questions from children with disabilities.

What a joy to see how the Horning family is bringing honor to the Savior. And what joy it was to meet Krista and her family this weekend.

Sep 15

girltalk links

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(writings and resources on biblical womanhood around the internet)

“Strong Emotions, Extreme Confidence” - Ed Welch on a subject extremely relevant to women

“Dangerous Women” - a commencement speech by Nancy Wilson to the graduating class of 2010

“Real Lasting Rest?” - this post by Paul Tripp encourages us to trust in God and offers a helpful example of gracious parenting

Sep 14

William Wilberforce On God and Suffering

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“In 1832 [William Wilberforce] suffered another devastating blow: his dearest [daughter] Lizzie died, at the age of thirty-one. The loss hit Wilberfoce hard, but Lizzie’s own daughter, just an infant, gave her grandfather some consolation and prompted this rumination on God and suffering: ‘I was much impressed yesterday,’ he wrote,

with the similarity in some respects of my own situation to that of [Lizzie’s] dear little innocent, who was undergoing the operation of vaccination. The infant gave up its arm to the operator without suspicion or fear. But when it felt the puncture, which must have been sharp, no words can express the astonishment and grief that followed. I could not have thought the mouth could have been distended so widely as it continued, till the nurse’s soothing restored her usual calmness. What an illustration is this of the impatient feelings we are often apt to experience, and sometimes even to express, when suffering from the dispensations of a Being, whose wisdom we profess to believe to be unerring, whose kindness we know to be unfailing, whose truth also is sure, and who has declared to us, that all things shall work together for good to them that love Him, and that the object of His inflictions is to make us partakers of His holiness.’” Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxes, pp. 270-271

Sep 11

What is the Wife’s Responsibility in Conflict?

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A while ago, on the Desiring God blog, John Piper provided an insightful and provoking answer to this question. (By the way, this video might be a good one to watch together with your husband.)

“So I would say a wife’s role is to see all that God enables her to see and then ask the Lord for wise and humble and submissive ways to share, to bring into her husband’s life her perspective on things. And it’s his job as a leader to be humbly receptive to those kinds of things and then to take action.”