Jun 2

Bible Memory Aids

2011 at 3:41 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Motherhood

We wanted to pass on a few more of the resources for helping kids (and adults) memorize Scripture that were often mentioned in our contest entries this past week:

Desiring God Foundation Verse Pack


Fighter Verses
(did you know there is also a Fighter Verses app?)


My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt

(at least today the Kindle version is only 99 cents!)


Hide the Word by Mark Altrogge


Colin Buchanan
(a favorite from our Aussie frends)


Hide ‘Em In Your Heart by Steve Green


Word of Promise Audio Bible


ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible


Bible.is (in ESV)
(a free app which includes audio)


Jun 1

Seeds of Character Winners

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You all make these contests absolutely impossible—it is so difficult to choose from all the great ideas! I am so provoked and encouraged by the creative and intentional ways that so many of you are teaching your children to memorize Scripture. Here are the ten winners of the new Seeds of Character album. Congratulations! Thanks Seeds Family Worship and thanks to all of you.

Cathy DeVinney

I own a set of Crayola Window Crayons. I use them to write Scripture on the bathroom mirror for my 6 and 8 year old daughters. The girls learn them while they brush their teeth. My son is 3, and I write verses on his bedroom mirror to learn while we help him get ready each morning and night. They love requesting certain colors and little pictures next to their verses. It’s easy to Windex off and start again when they are ready for more. Just a hint—use the fan in the bathroom during bath time or the crayon runs from the humidity!

Kim Schmidt

We memorize verses together as a family by saying a verse before each meal. The verses are on flip charts. Once everyone knows a particular verse, we flip the chart and start working on the next one. We’ve been doing this for several years and have worked through hundreds of verses. It has become so ingrained in us that we do it no matter where we are—at home, a restaurant, or a friend’s house. Say a verse, pray, and then eat. That’s the routine, three times a day. My boys are 6, 4, and 1. The oldest has done this since he was 2 years old. My second started participating by the time he was 2 as well. And the baby will soon, I’m sure, because it’s just “what we do”!

Mia Nichols

To help my children memorize scripture, I write it in chalk on our driveway. Then we play “Bible jump” where they jump onto each word as they say it out loud. Once they have it memorized, they hop on the words out of sequence and try to recite it from there. This is working out well with my kindergartener who is reading but also with my younger 2 who memorize the verses by hearing and imitating their older brother.

Laura Reich

One of the ways we help our children learn Scripture is with bean bags. We toss the bean bag back and forth while repeating the scripture. The repetition of the tossing seems to help them remember the words.

Amanda Welton

I made the kids a Scripture memory book on one of those photo websites, like a photo book but with verses we want them to learn and fun pictures and backgrounds. They love having a book with their picture on it and then opening it to practice their verses (or pick out a new one to learn).

Jen Patterson

My boys (3 and 2) LOVE to watch themselves on video - so often I will have them “perform” their memory verse for the camera, and we’ll send it out to family and friends or post it to facebook…they think that’s pretty cool and it inspires them to recite Truth with passion!

Heather Smith

Each morning after breakfast, we review the passage that we are working on memorizing. When we review it, I allow my 2 daughters (ages 6 and 4) to stand on their chairs. This is the only time of the day that this is permitted, and they think it quite fun to do that while quoting their verses! So far, no one has gotten hurt . . . although it is definitely risky when we use actions or hand motions to go along with the verses because they can be very animated! In the past year the girls have memorized almost all of Exodus 20 with hand motions to help them remember the 10 commandments.

Fiona Thoms

To memorize scripture i print out a verse or two on plain paper. I cut up the paper into single words or phrases and put each one into a coloured envelope. the envelopes have numbers on them. i then hang the envelopes on a piece of string that is strung across the dining room window. each morning at breakfast one of the kids gets to open the envelope and peg the words onto the string. we learn the verse word by word/phrase by phrase.

Liz Wetherston

The verses I know best are the ones my mum put on the back of the toilet door growing up. In light of that I’ve put some verses on the wall next to the change table - so every nappy change is an opportunity to learn our verses! (to our great advantage my 2 y/o started speaking well at 16 months, so I’d say most of the verse and she’d fill in missing words and we’ve built on that). I intend to move them to the bathroom door when potty training!

Abby Prescott

One fun way that I help my children memorize longer portions of Scripture is by making a cd for them to listen to at bedtime. I record myself (using garage band on the computer) reading the Scripture passage with a soft background instrumental track. Usually each cd will also have a few songs relating to the Scripture passage as well played in between each time the Scripture is read. By the time they’ve finished the cd (although usually some are asleep before then!) they will have heard it 5 or 6 times. This is the way mine have memorized Philippians 2 and the Christmas passage in Luke this past year.