Feb 29

Day 2

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[from our adoption blog]

Day 2 was great. This morning we had the great privilege of meeting our kids’ grandfather. We spent the afternoon shopping and playing soccer with friends. Then we walked a few blocks to an local restaurant we like. We are having a wonderful time with Kassa and Mulunesh, enjoying each others’ company and making some great memories. Tomorrow we get their visas and passports and—around midnight—fly home!

Feb 28

We visited America today…. Sort of

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[from our adoption blog]

Technically, we did visit America today. By stepping inside a far-flung US Embassy, we found ourselves standing on a little patch of American soil. Our embassy visit went great. I’m happy to report that the kids’ visas were approved. We pick up their visas and passports Thursday morning and then fly home late Thursday night. We’ll be on a much bigger patch of US soil Friday, Lord willing. After the embassy, it was a great day. Ice cream, soccer, dinner, baths, and a whole lot of flipping through an Amharic phrase book. The day went smoother than we could have hoped for and we are so grateful to God to be here with our children. Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow. Thanks again for all your prayers that have made this happen!

Feb 27

Safe in Addis

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[from our adoption blog]

After 30+ hours of travel, we have arrived safely in Ethiopia. It is so good to be back! We have an exciting couple days lined up, starting tomorrow. In the morning, we go to the transition home to pick up Kassa and Mulunesh. We CAN NOT WAIT! After lunch we go to the embassy for an appointment related to their visas. We are thrilled to be here and so grateful to be bringing our kids home. Thanks for all your prayers and support that have brought us this far.

Feb 23

Women Who Go About Doing Good

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From John Piper’s biographical sermon on J.C. Ryle:

Ryle was outspoken in his zeal for women in the various ministries of the church. He drew attention to Romans 16, where 11 of the 28 names mentioned are women, and said,

The chapter I have mentioned appears to me to contain a special lesson for women. The important position that women occupy in the Church of Christ—the wide field of real, though unobtrusive, usefulness that lies before them . . . I cannot go away with the common notion that great usefulness is for men only, and not for women. . . . It should never be forgotten that it is not preaching alone that moves and influences men. . . . Humanly speaking, the salvation of a household often depends upon the women . . . [and] men’s character is exceedingly influenced by their homes.73

There are countless needs in the community, and needs on the mission field, Ryle says, that cry out for the ministry of women.

There are hundreds of cases continually rising in which a woman is far more suitable visitor than a man. She need not put on a peculiar dress, or call herself by a Roman Catholic name. She has only to go about, in the spirit of her Savior, with kindness on her lips, gentleness in her ways, and the Bible in her hands, and the good that she may do is quite incalculable. Happy indeed is the parish where there are Christian women who “go about doing good.” Happy is that minister who has such helpers.74