Feb 21

The Legacy of a Godly Home

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I keep finding myself thinking back to a post from Justin Taylor last week called “Hospitality and Generosity in the Luther Home.” Read this excerpt and imagine what it must have been like:

The house was filled with the sound of children. The Luthers had six children in their first nine years of marriage—three sons, and three three daughters (one of whom died at a few months of age, another at the age of 13). And then a few years into their marriage, the Luthers took into their home the six children of Luther’s sister. They also raised Katherine’s nephew. Martin often told them stories, taught them songs and games, played melodies on his lute, and instructed them in the faith.

University students often ate and boarded there, and Luther’s letters make reference to a steady stream of guests either coming or going.

There was a waiting list for those who wanted to room and board with the Luthers—no doubt because of the stimulating theological education and conversation, but also because for many years the Luther didn’t charge anyone for room and board.

As Martin lectured and wrote and debated and preached and traveled, Katie drove the wagon, took care of the field, bought cattle and put them out to pasture, brewed beer, prepared food for the graduation banquets, rented horses, sold linen, served as Martin’s publishing agent, and often nursed him back to health during his frequent illnesses. (You simply must read the whole article!)

Martin and Katherina’s intentional, joy-filled, self-denial for the sake of the kingdom is provoking to say the least. Their happy, hectic home life—so full of service to others—is an example I fall so far short of, but want to imitate. Their lives push me to ask myself what legacy I am leaving for my children: Is it one of hospitality and generosity that reflects the heart of our Savior? May God give us grace to make our homes more like this.

Feb 17

Time to Travel

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Yesterday we heard from the US Embassy that we are officially cleared to travel. We snatched up the first available appointment and will be leaving next Sunday to go bring our children home! I can’t help but smile every time I see the airline ticket confirmations in my inbox.

The past week has been full of phone calls, paperwork, obsessive checking of email on my phone, anxious waiting for the final details to come together—“just labor pains” Janelle reminded me on one particularly challenging day. kassamuluBut we’ve also been doing lots of fun stuff like hair lessons from a wonderful new friend and adoptive mom, trips to Old Navy and Target for cute clothes, and turning the boys’ sailboat room into a sports room with a few new pillows and accessories. We’ve filled our scabies prescription at Target (just in case!) and scheduled doctor’s appointments. We’ve stocked up on hot sauce (which apparently Ethiopian children love to put on everything!) and bought ingredients for homemade Ethiopian stew. And filled out more paperwork.

Our second trip to Ethiopia will be very quick. The morning after we arrive in country we will be reunited with our children and we will never have to leave them again. They will come with us to our Embassy appointment and then we will spend two days doing fun things around Addis before our visas are issued and we can fly home.

Home. We are bringing our children home.

Thank you for your prayers! More updates and pictures to come.