Nov 7

The Day After the Election

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Dr. Russell Moore has some important, biblical, words on how Christians should respond to the President:

The American people have decided that Barack Obama should have a second term. And, behind them, in the mystery of providence, God has decided that Barack Obama would be re-elected. So how should Christians respond to our once and future President?...We are going to disagree with the President on some (important) things; there will be other areas where we can work with the President. But whether in agreement or disagreement, we can honor. Honor doesn’t mean blanket endorsement.

Nov 6

Praying on Election Day

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​Dr. Albert Mohler’s guide to praying for America on Election Day:

There is so much at stake. We hear every election cycle that the stakes have never been higher. In one sense, this is usually also true. There is always the sense that there is more at stake this year than last, and, given the way issues unfold, that perception often seems validated by the times. Christians face the responsibility to vote, not only as citizens, but as Christians who seek to honor and follow Christ in all things. But, beyond the vote, we also bear responsibility to pray for our nation. [Read More]

Nov 5

When You Feel Like A Failure

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I once saw a Family Circus cartoon that showed three children leaning on the edge of their parents’ bed, watching them while they slept. The caption underneath was one child’s remark: “They look so sweet and peaceful when they’re asleep. You wonder how they could ever yell at us during the day.”

Do you ever wonder if this happens in your home? That your kids think of you as a mean mom? That your failures as a mother define you and determine your children’s future?

When you add the feeling (or reality) of a mothering failure to the exhaustion, the endless work, and the temptation to compare yourself to other moms, you have a perfect motherhood storm.

This happened to me countless times when I was raising my children. I would fail in my mothering—either by something I did, or something I didn’t do—and I was sure it was a sign I would ultimately fail. That was it. My kids would never “turn out.” I had ruined them forever.

I remember one time I got angry at one of my daughters. Although I had repented before God and asked my daughter’s forgiveness, I still felt terrible. I berated myself for treating my child in such a manner. I was convinced the damage was irreparable.

But my husband encouraged me: “Because of your humility in asking her to forgive you, she feels close to you now than before.” And he was right. This daughter and I were experiencing the sweet closeness that follows repentance in a relationship.

Now I’m not issuing a free pass to sin! I am not saying, “It’s okay to be unkind to your children. They’re tough. They can handle it.” Sin is always the wrong choice. It does have consequences. So by the power of the Holy Spirit, we must work tirelessly to eradicate it from our lives (Rom. 8:13). When we sin we must not make excuses, we must confess our sin to God and humbly ask our children for forgiveness.

But we must not succumb to despair or live with low-grade condemnation or guilt. This maligns the gospel and does not produce the fruit of repentance or serve our children. Rather we must return to Scripture. We must remind ourselves of the truth that God is faithful and just to forgive us from our sins and to cleanse us from unrighteousness (1 John 1:9), that he is busy conforming us to the image of His Son (Rom 8:29), and that he works all things (even our mothering failures!), for our good and the good of our children (Rom 8:28).

(adapted from Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother)

Nov 1

Introducing Chad and Dad Sports Talk

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For years we’ve received notes from husbands of our readers who have sheepishly confessed to reading girltalk and wondered if there would ever be an alternative for the guys. Well, the day has finally come. The two male members of the Mahaney family have started a website, all about sports. Chad and Dad Sports Talk features a weekly podcast and articles which seek to bring a unique, gospel-driven discernment to sports.

As Chad wrote in the debut article:

“My dad and I have always shared a unique love for sports. I am one of four children in our family, and I am his only son; so my dad and I have talked a lot of sports while patiently waiting for the girls to finish shopping. Those talks, though they seemed inconsequential at the time, have dramatically influenced the way I watch, talk about, and play sports.”

Dad and Chad want to help parents and children, athletes and coaches, and sports fans everywhere to not waste their sports.

So tell the guys in your life to tune in, and if you are sports fans like we are (kinda!) you may enjoy it too!

Chad and Dad Talk Sports
Chad and Dad Talk Sports