May 8

Mother’s Day Contest Winner #3

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Bonni Hendley shares about her mom’s wonderful example:

My mom is an evangelist. No, not a famous one but a faithful one. She talks to everyone, everywhere. As a child, it wasn’t always appreciated as a trip to the grocery store could take hours! But as an adult, I see the gifting God has given her to reach out. She has taken neglected children to church, invited them into her home, baked for them, prayed for them. She has asked the woman doing her nails what she believes about God. She has visited the sick and prayed for them. Even within her own family and friends she faithfully brings the gospel into conversations—even when the conversation was not welcomed. Her name means ‘Star’ and her light does shine! I love you Mom!!

May 7

Mother’s Day Contest Winner #2

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Rachel shares her favorite advice from her mom:

First off - my mom is amazing. I have so many special memories with her that it would be impossible to pick just one.

But the single most important piece of advice she’s given me? It would have to be, “Keep learning.” Mom has not only encouraged me (and my two sisters) to be a learner for life, she has modeled that for me. She loves to read and research things—history, healthy living/cooking, current issues, and the list could go on.

When we were kids, she often encouraged us to go beyond what we were given in our textbooks, etc.—to learn new skills, to develop a healthy curiosity about the world around us, to keep our minds active—all of which she has done.

Most importantly, though, Mom is not content to simply rest on her laurels when it comes to a knowledge of Scripture. She’s pressed on, learning to know God, His Word, and His grace more each year. THAT is a blessing beyond words…one I will be eternally grateful for.

May 6

Mother’s Day Contest Winner #1

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In anticipation of Mother’s Day we have a week’s worth of your favorite advice and memories of your mom. Our first is from Karen Ingram:

I’m sure this isn’t a profound memory of my mom, and it doesn’t include any amazing life changing advice. However, I am 37 years old and this memory still makes me smile and remains one of my favorite of my mom. As a mother of 3 children myself now, it reminds me how every day little things can make a lasting impression on my kids. My mom used to pack my lunch every day and whenever she would put a banana in my lunch she would draw a smiley face and ” I luv you” on it with a black sharpie marker : ). I would be so happy to see a banana in my lunch because I knew there would be a message from my mom on it. I remember her always making an effort to be in the kitchen when I came home from school everyday so hers was the first face I saw when walked through the back door. I remember thanking her for my bananas in my lunch when I got home from school. A silly memory, I realize, but it really is such a good reminder to me as I go through daily life with my kids that the little things I do really will come to make a difference in my children’s lives. And yes, my kids get smilely faces on their bananas, too!

May 3

Friday Funnies

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Thanks to all who made our Friday Funnies contest a great success! Today you get to enjoy a story from Sarah, the first of our two winners. There will be many more to come over the next few months.

A few days ago my almost 5 year old, Sam was getting a bit too bossy with his 3 year old sister, Selah. Trying to keep it light I asked him, “Sam, who died and made you the boss?” His reply, “Jesus.” We’re working on the rest of his theology!

May 1

Mahaney Sports Interviews Webb Simpson

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Hey All, We thought you’d love to know about this great Mahaney Sports interview with PGA Tour golfer Webb Simpson. We previously blogged about him and his lovely wife, Dowd, here. This would be a wonderful interview to listen to and discuss as a family. Webb is a godly man who is passionate and deliberate about glorifying God in on the course—in wins and losses—and as a Christian husband and father. So enjoy and check back at Mahaney Sports next week for part two.

Also, only a few more hours remaining in our 52home Mother’s Day Sale, so don’t delay!