Sep 15

52Home Flash Sale Tomorrow

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Thanks so much to all of you who participated in our 52Home giveaways the last few days! Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 10 a.m. we will have our first weekly flash sale with ready to ship signs. Every sign pictured here will be available. However quantities will be limited so it will be first come first serve.

Sep 10

New: 52home Weekly Flash Sales on Instagram (and lots of giveaways!)

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::UPDATE MONDAY 10 a.m.:: Cuz Mondays need more giveaways! Head over to Instagram for all the details.

::UPDATE SATURDAY 11 a.m.:: New sign giveaway today. Head over to Instagram for all the details.

::UPDATE FRIDAY 2 p.m.:: New sign giveaway today. Head over to Instagram for all the details.

Things have been humming in the 52home workshop this summer as my husband, Mike, and I have been preparing for an exciting new launch. Today, I’m grateful to announce that next week we will begin weekly Flash Sales on Instagram. Whatever signs we’ve made that week will be up for sale and ready to ship out immediately to their new home. Once they’re gone they’re gone!

There’s no better way to kick off a new venture than with a giveaway. Am I right? That’s exactly what we’re going to do over on Instagram all weekend. Give stuff away. Left and right. And by stuff, I mean signs.

Go follow us on Instagram @janelle52home for our big weekend of giveaways and new weekly flash sales. Let the fun begin!

Sep 9

Surviving the School Year

2015 at 12:09 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Devotional Life | Motherhood

“Few things frighten me more than the beginnings of barrenness that come from frenzied activity with little spiritual food and meditation.” John Piper

Fall and the start of school means frenzied activity. So why do I forget this every year?

In those final, lazy days of summer break, when my kids get bored and restless, I start to long for the structure and schedule of school. Then I get what I wished for and wonder, “What was I thinking?!”

I’m running on cold coffee and stale brownies, struggling to keep up. The laundry is turning sour in the washing machine, we’re already a week behind our homeschool schedule, and yesterday I discovered that my son went into science class unprepared because I forgot to give him his homework. Let the mistakes begin! Mornings are the frenziest (and the time that I’m most likely to make up words). Getting a family of six prepared for takeoff and launched into the day is a challenge. Doing it without sinning against anyone and everyone? Extreme challenge.

And so my Bible reading and prayer have been pushed off to later and later in the day—so late that it isn’t happening. I’m not being lazy and I really want to spend time with the Lord. It’s just that I can’t send my son to school without a lunch, or give up teaching my kindergartner how to read, can I?

But I’m starting to feel it. The beginnings of barrenness. I need God’s Word. I need His presence. More than anything. (John 15:5)

So where do we find the time? Finding the time to spend with God each morning often begins the night before. We have to get practical in order to prioritize the spiritual.

Here are some practical ideas that are helping me right now, along with some suggestions the other girltalkers threw in as well:

  • I’ve started making lunches before I go to bed at night. No matter how tired I am, or how late it is, I don’t go to sleep until my husband’s and son’s lunches are ready in the fridge.
  • Mom used to empty her dishwasher before she went to bed, that way it was ready for dirty dishes each morning.
  • Make your coffee the night before. Set out your Bible, reading material, and supplies (pen, blanket, tissues etc.).
  • Train your children to stay in bed each morning until you come and get them.
  • Set the breakfast table and prep breakfast the night before (see Change is in the Oatmeal).
  • Lay out school clothes and iron work clothes the night before.
  • Go to bed half an hour earlier. Have a friend call to wake you up.

Making one or two of these practical changes will easily give you an extra half an hour or more each morning to spend in God’s Word and in prayer.

Fall will still be frenzied, but our souls won’t be. As we abide in God’s Word (John 15:5), we will thrive and bear fruit, even in this busy season.

Next year, I’m gonna try to remember this.

~from the archives