Sep 14

A Babysitter, A Friend

2006 at 5:22 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Good Works | Friendship

Auntkgirls011 Twenty-five years ago a single woman named Kathy Houghton came into our home for a church hospitality. After just a few hours, my sister and I were so attached to her that shortly thereafter my parents asked if she would babysit us on a regular basis. From then on Aunt Kathy—as we began to call her—became a part of our family. I remember her not just as a babysitter: she was our “fun coordinator,” constantly planning creative outings. An evening with Aunt Kathy was always a memorable event. Fast-forward a few years. Aunt Kathy married a godly man named John. Together they adopted three beautiful children: Gabe, Joe, and Amanda. Then it was Nicole’s and my turn to fill the babysitter position, although I’m not sure we were ever quite as fun as Aunt Kathy! For the past eighteen years we have had the privilege of watching these young children become godly teenagers. 100_0560_1 Today, the babysitting role has changed hands once again, and now Amanda sits for my boys. My kids always have a blast when she comes over. They affectionately call her “De-da.” Though my mom, being the wonderful grandma that she is, watches the boys for our date night, Amanda makes it possible for me to serve alongside Brian in various ministry responsibilities. Kathy’s willingness to serve our family all those years ago built lasting ties between her family and ours. As a single woman, she opted to give up precious free time in order to care for three little girls. The ultimate outcome was a special friendship between Kathy, my mom and us girls. And now that friendship extends to her daughter Amanda and my children. So who can you serve today? You never know—it might just be the start of a life-long friendship.