Jan 30

A Party for Baby Bradshaw

2006 at 5:03 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore

We’re all a little worn-out today, because we are recouping from Mike and Janelle’s open house baby shower yesterday afternoon. Three years ago Mike and Janelle were married in a memorable and slightly unusual wedding ceremony and reception. There was a moon-bounce and ice cream sundaes, and jars full of candy and washbasins with cold sodas. So we thought it was only appropriate that their baby shower be in keeping with their enthusiasm for all things fun.

We couldn’t figure out how to fit a moon-bounce in the living room, but each room of Dad and Mom’s house featured fun activities for guys and girls: Andy Griffith reruns, foosball, board games, photo albums, an ESPNZone, and of course, lots of yummy food.

To bless Mike and Janelle we had a money-tree in lieu of gifts. Yes, we actually set up a real live tree to receive the money, and it will subsequently be planted in the Bradshaw’s yard!

We wish ya’ll could have been there yesterday, but here are a few pictures that Mike’s parents, Jim and Kim, took of Baby Bradshaw’s party.

Mike and Janelle chat with friends and family


Aunt Karin hangs a card on the money tree


Friends Jon and Michelle talking with Mike and Janelle


A view into the kitchen and dining room


Cleanup, cleanup, everybody do your share…