Apr 20

A Wifely Appeal

2007 at 1:07 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney

Stockxpertcom_id192174_size1If you haven’t yet perused John Piper’s article on “submission” that we highlighted in yesterday’s post, may I request you stop now and go read it? It’s too good to pass up!

One point Dr. Piper makes in his article is that “there will be times in a Christian marriage when the most submissive wife, with good reason, will hesitate at a husband’s decision. It may look unwise to her.” He goes on to encourage wives to express their misgivings in a manner that endorses her husband’s leadership and affirms him in his role as head.

How do we share a concern with our husband in a God-honoring way? John Ensor explains in his new book, Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart:

“[A husband] will be far more apt to give [consideration to his wife’s appeal] when it is heard as an appeal or a suggestion rather than a directive. Think of it as the difference between casting a flashlight down the path versus pointing it in his face. Direct light causes us to close our eyes. Indirect light, pointed away from them, cause us to strain to see.”

Let’s purpose as wives to wisely use our flashlights! If we think our husband has made an unwise decision, we aren’t to simply keep our mouths shut and hope things will turn out alright. Rather, we should put our trust in God and lovingly and humbly appeal—in a manner that makes it easy for our husbands to see.