Aug 7

A Wonderful Place To Be

2006 at 2:24 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

How can I thank you? This past year you have carried me by your prayers and strengthened me by your encouragement. And now, you are kindly sharing in my joy. I have read every one of your emails and intend to save them and, God-willing, show them to our little one some day.

As Mom told you, I am fighting through all-day “morning” sickness, however common grace in the form of Zofran is keeping me upright. But I have nothing to complain about. When someone asked me recently how I was feeling, I told them the truth: “happy to be pregnant.”

I would appreciate your continued prayers. As many of you know, the complications I experienced with my last pregnancy occurred after I delivered Jack. This morning, I read a journal entry from February 22, 2005. I think it sums up the desire of my heart:

“Yesterday was Jack’s second birthday. A wonderful time to reflect on God’s preserving power. I am so grateful to be here and to be healthy on my son’s second birthday. We are trying to get pregnant and Steve pointed out that I have an opportunity to trust God…regardless of what happens. For if I do not get pregnant I must trust, and in fact, I must rejoice in the goodness of God and His sovereignty. And if I do get pregnant, I must rest in the truth that my health is no less in the all-powerful, all-wise and all-loving hands of Christ. This is exciting to me. I am presently in the midst of an opportunity—not just to not “mess up”—but to actively and vocally rejoicing in the goodness of God regardless of my circumstances.”

Before I conceived I had an opportunity to trust God; now that I’m pregnant I have another opportunity to trust God. But come to think of it—we should always trust God, whether in trial or blessing. We are always under His sovereignty, guided by His wisdom and surrounded by His love. What a wonderful place to be!