Sep 28

A quick talk

2006 at 1:11 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

Hey y’all, hold on for just a second while I talk to the girls…

Nicole, way to go with the search engine. I won’t tell anyone that it took four hours to figure out, I know you are smart! I just tested it out with keyword “French Fries” and it worked perfectly. By the way, don’t talk on the phone this morning while you are making your cookies! Remember that time you were multi-tasking while making garlic bread? I found the picture just in case you forgot. Hee-Hee…


Kristin, you have been turning out some super posts this week, girl! And right in the middle of all that home schooling. Way to go. I totally forgot to ask you yesterday if you could save me some of the apples that you picked from your field trip with the kids. I’ll come by and get them later.

By the way, has anyone seen Mom? No posts this week. Someone better call over there to make sure that Dad hasn’t stolen her away on another trip. I’ll investigate.

Okay, conversation over. I have another post today, but I’m saving it for later.