Sep 5

“Abundant Grace and Goodness”

2006 at 11:38 am   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Suffering | Book and Music Reviews

Last week we received two powerful answers to our book club question on the life of Ruth. We saved these answers to share with you this week. These two women are both enduring unimaginably difficult circumstances. We hope their faith and hope in God will encourage you to see the goodness of God in whatever trial you might be facing.

First, we will hear from Kriscinda Davis, who, along with her husband Luke and their three children are much-loved members of Covenant Life Church. Brian and I have observed this couple prosper spiritually in the midst of the most significant of trials. They are actively trusting in God’s wisdom and goodness. May we all emulate Kriscinda’s example of faith in our Savior.

“Nothing happens by ‘chance,’ but God is always behind the scenes, working all things together for the good of His people (Rom. 8:28). There is no such thing as ‘luck’ or ‘fate’ for believers.”

Given this truth, tell us about a circumstance in your life where you now see God was working “behind the scenes” for your good?

I read Ruth with much anticipation. I love the book of Ruth and couldn’t wait for the question, as it would provoke my heart. Provoke it did. Our family is in the midst of a difficult situation. Heart ache and suffering have been present for the past 8 months as my youngest son, Micah was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor, ATRT. Our little man has undergone 2 major brain surgeries, 6 rounds of high dose chemos and been in and out of the hospital at least a dozen times. So when I read Ruth and then the question that followed… tell us about a circumstance in your life where you now see God was working “behind the scenes” for your good? I was dumb founded. I couldn’t think of how God was at work behind the scenes and this bothered me for I knew he was and is at work. I talked with my husband and some ladies in my care group and as we talked my eyes were opened. I had been so focused on the current trial that I had taken my eyes off the cross and forgotten all his goodness. I was able to thank the Lord and by his grace remember and see glimpses of how he is at work for good in this present trial. Let me share them with you…

-He is at work in our hearts for good, teaching us to trust Him, showing us that grace and mercy are truly new each morning. He is molding and shaping us.

-He is showing us great love through himself and others—giving strength that is not ours.

-He is at work in our kiddos for good. Micah is becoming a tender little man (I think because of all he has gone through). Braeton is learning to care for others in difficult times.

-By his grace the gospel is going forth and seeds are being planted.

In years to follow I am sure we will look back and see more of the Lord’s goodness and sovereignty in this situation, but until—we will seek to remember and remind ourselves of all his wonderful benefits. He truly does work all things for good even when it is seems hidden from our eyes. And thanks be to God for the many faithful examples we have to look to… one of which is the wonderful example of the Bowers family. To God be the glory in each and every path for therein lies abundant grace and goodness.