Feb 22

Baby Caly and Thoughts for Mothers

2006 at 3:12 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Motherhood

Images2_3Little Caly is two days old today, and eating and sleeping well. Tomorrow, Janelle gets to come home from the hospital. She’s doing everything possible to be outside those doors by 11:00 am—including filling out all the discharge papers today. Thanks to all of you for your prayers on her behalf. Janelle is feeling much better. She got a shower this morning, and she is actually able to hold Caly for extended periods of time, which “makes her feel like a real mom.”

Last night Brian and I, along with Andrew and Liam were able to visit Mike and Janelle at the hospital, and let the boys meet their new cousin. I have a feeling we are going to be saying, “gentle, boys, gentle” a lot in the coming days. Our entire family is enchanted with this new little girlie. The last time a girl was added to our family, it was Janelle!

All our excitement over Caly has us thinking about motherhood of course. So, we thought you wouldn’t mind if we camp out here for a few days. Besides being one of the greatest blessings from God, motherhood is also a tremendous responsibility. Not only is there the immediate adjustment to caring for a little life—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week—but the charge to (along with our husbands) train our children in the way they should go (Prov. 22:6) is a weighty task.

To help encourage young moms such as myself, our church hosted a series of meetings last year entitled “Moms2Moms.” In addition to free babysitting and small group time with other moms of toddlers, we got to hear teaching aimed right where we are at.

So, if your baby is only two days old or two years old, take some time to listen to these short, practical, and refreshing thoughts for your soul. We’ll be back tomorrow with more on motherhood!