Dec 22

Baby Watch—Does anyone have a lemon?

2005 at 6:10 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Motherhood

Lemons have assumed a rather prominent place in my life of late. No, I don’t just eat them by themselves; they have to be squeezed into a glass of water with lots of ice. The little girl living inside of me who has learned to love Cherry Coke has recently been subjected to glass after glass of ice water with lemon. I used to drink hot tea upon waking up in the morning. Not anymore. The first thing I want is, you guessed it, a giant glass of lemon water! Last weekend, I ran out of lemons. It was horrible. I checked my mom’s fridge. Nope, I had already eaten all of her lemons. I decided to see if my aunt had any. No, she only had lemon juice and that wouldn’t cut it. It has to be the real thing. For two long days, I didn’t have any lemons. I tried many substitutes, but my body wouldn’t be fooled. Enough was enough. I finally drove to the grocery store and bought three huge lemons.

If you are a dentist, just skip over the next paragraph, but aside from drinking the lemon water I have to chew ice (a habit most appreciated by my sister, Nicole). Who craves ice? I thought it was supposed to be pickles and ice cream. Anyways, I assumed that this strange craving was a phase, but I found out otherwise. My Doctor recently informed me that I have an iron deficiency and proceeded to put me on about 75 iron pills a day. I was telling another pregnant friend of mine about this deficiency and she proceeded to ask me if I was chewing ice. When I told her that ice was about all that I was consuming these days (along with lemons) she explained that she had just learned that a craving for ice has been linked to a lack of iron. Sure enough, I looked it up online and she was right. The website also said that some people crave other non-food items such as paper and clay. Scary, I know. I’m hoping to stick with ice.

There has been much to laugh at and enjoy over the last seven months! I will keep you updated as our countdown continues. Nine more weeks to go…