Feb 16

Become a Theologian

2009 at 3:57 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney Filed under Singleness

Stockxpertcom_id574592_jpg_9951f6d8772f9f88ce32cbb5673601f5 What does undivided devotion look like in real life? How do you put legs on it and walk it out? For starters, you should become a theologian!

Bruce Milne explains:

“[As] a matter of plain fact every Christian is a theologian!… By virtue of being born again we have all begun to know God and therefore have a certain understanding of his nature and actions. That is, we all have a theology of sorts, whether or not we have ever sat down and pieced it together. So properly understood, theology is not for a few religious eggheads with a flair for abstract debate—it is everybody’s business. Once we have grasped this, our duty is to become the best theologians we can to the glory of God, as our understanding of God and his ways is clarified and deepened through studying the book he has given for that very purpose, the Bible (2 Tim. 3:16)…[G]etting doctrine right is the key to getting everything else right…[A]t every point right living begins with right thinking.”

Did you catch that? Getting doctrine right is the key to getting everything else right. If you want to live rightly in the single years—and I know you do!—then you must think rightly about God. And in order to think rightly about God you must study His Word.

Can I encourage you—no, can I strongly urge you—to seize your single years and become the best theologian you can to the glory of God?