Jan 19

Best Deals of the Season

2009 at 2:49 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Time Management

Stockxpertcom_id13018101_jpg_c4bc73894f19e3aae8cce06583d77d94 If it’s true that our lives are made up of God-ordained seasons, and that each season holds out many opportunities—or to use our shopping analogy, bargains—but that only some are really worth buying, how do we know which to grab and which to pass up?

“The way we should go and the thing we should do” (Jer 42:3) is found only by prayerful study of God’s Word. In Scripture alone are the signs marking the true bargains for each season of our lives.

So what are they? What are the best deals for teenage girls, single women, moms with young kids, the empty nester?

Over the next few weeks we’ll consider this question, beginning with teenage girls (and their moms). We’ll study Scripture to learn how to “walk carefully” and “make the best use of [our time]” in each of these seasons.

Along the way we want to hear from you: How have you learned to buy up these deals in this season of your life? Or, to put it more plainly, how have you made these God-ordained opportunities the top priorities in your life?

Shop-talk for teenagers starts tomorrow.