Mar 23

Book Club Week 11

2007 at 4:25 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Book and Music Reviews

0116prentissA stomach virus hit my baby girl in full force on Wednesday night. (Yes, this is the Book Club post. I’m getting there.) I awoke to her crying around midnight and her little stomach didn’t calm down (trying to put things delicately for all you easily grossed out people) until around 5 a.m. She is slowly recovering but wants Mommy to hold her or sit right next to her constantly. Lots of snuggle time!

While we are sharing many special moments together, the days have been long and required sacrifice. I have been tired from a lack of sleep and can’t get anything done unless Caly is napping. And when she is napping, something seems to pull me to my bed too! Caly isn’t thanking me; no one is here to watch and sing my praises.

But the Lord knew exactly what I needed to be reminded of. In chapter ten, when Sharon James describes Elizabeth’s novel, Stepping Heavenward, she writes: “The novel thus urged women to view every act of obedience, however humble, as an act of worship. This gave significance to all aspects of everyday life.” I was reminded that caring for my sick girl can be an act of worship to God. Motherhood is significant, regardless of how unglamorous or challenging, if done in obedience to God. Amazing!

This truth reaches far beyond sick kiddos. You may be sitting at work or school, or maybe you are carpooling or cleaning—doing tasks that don’t seem very important. If so, read these words again: “Your EVERY act of obedience, however humble, is an act of worship.” Rejoice in these opportunities to worship your Savior this day!

P.S. Read chapter 11 for next week.
P.S.S. Picture of my sick girly…