Sep 26

Busy Time Survival

2008 at 4:35 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

I’m back with the second and third principles for surviving those extra busy times. (I’m also happy to report that my laundry is out of the dryer and slowly making its way to drawers.)

2) Simplify the really-do-matter items where possible. Examine your essential to-do list and ask, “How can I make these tasks easier?” Take your husband’s dress shirts to the dry cleaners. Use paper products at mealtime. Order pizza for dinner.

3) Size up our limitations. As Dad likes to remind us, “Only God gets his to-do list done each day. We are not God. We are finite creatures with serious limitations.” Only God accomplishes everything he needs to do, in exactly the way he intends, in precisely the right amount of time. Only God! This truth helps us see the arrogant absurdity of expecting to complete our own to-do list. It frees us to humble ourselves and draw upon God’s strength to simply do what we can in busy seasons.

I trust these three thoughts will serve you in the same way they have served us, time and time again.