Oct 29

Doing Your Husband Good, Day 3

2008 at 12:13 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Marriage

Another list of great ideas. You guys are good at this!


Stockxpertcom_id593624_jpg_3bdbccdf As a mother of little ones, a friend and I were feeling challenged in the area of romance so we took turns surprising our husband by planning a surprise romantic evening. I dropped my little ones off at a friend’s house before my husband got home from work. He came home to a dark candlelit house with notes leading up to the bedroom. It was a lot of fun my husband enjoyed it.



I bought a book of postcards that I can address to his office. I am horrible at writing notes but it is really easy to tear out one of the postcards and jot a quick “I love you!” down and toss it in the mail.

When my husband has a late meeting and is not able to come home for dinner, I bring dinner to his office.



Stockxpertcom_id593624_jpg_3bdbcc_2 I put the ESV Bible onto an iPod, and bought and iTrip so it would run through the speakers of his truck. He travels a lot from job site to job site each day, and he listens to hours and hours every day of Scripture. He says he has never felt more spiritually fed. I also put lots of good audio books & sermons on his iPod. He continually thanks me for this little thing!

Love-making, love-making, love-making, love-making! I highly recommend this as a “doing your husband good” idea!!! (it’s worth 100 times more than a note in the lunch box, he says!!! haha)



Stockxpertcom_id593624_jpg_3bdbcc_3 Stay current and age appropriate in clothing, hair and makeup. (We both think the husband is honored when the wife cares about her appearance)

Be a student in your areas of responsibility. Research home organization, meal planning, scheduling, packing for travel, moving and camping. My husband says this frees his mind that I’m serving in these areas, thinking through details and streamlining things.

Take Naps! Or do whatever it takes to be happy and refreshed when he gets home.

Keep lingerie fresh and interesting (don’t save money here, thinking no one will see this bra I’ve had for 5 years, I’ll spend money elsewhere. He sees it!) I’ve coordinated lingerie costumes to holidays and he anticipates the surprise.

Plan a romantic stay at home for him, find a place for the children to go for the entire evening, on the way home from dropping them off, pick up great take out food, tidy, not clean the house, create a special I’m all yours look and surprise him when he walks in the door.

Every time at the grocery, pick up something especially for him, nuts, olives, drinks, pastries, a football magazine etc.

Be available to go out to lunch with him during the week.

Back massages or scratches.

Love and enjoy the children, tell him evidences of grace in their lives from that day besides the areas they need to grow in.

Have his favorite snacks or treats for watching sports.

Be on time.

Love God more than anything!



Stockxpertcom_id593624_jpg_3bdbcc_4 When he comes in from work, no matter what the kids and I are in the midst of, we all stop and run to the door to greet him. He has said that this makes him feel loved and erases the memory of a bad day quickly.

When I make him a lunch, I usually tuck in a note of encouragement. (an oldie but a goodie!!)

My husband travels often. I try to tuck in a card or note without him noticing. Also, adding a Hershey’s Kiss for every night he is gone is fun. That way, he still gets a kiss every night. (Make sure to put the chocolate in a separate baggie. Otherwise, he will be spending a few extra hours on the road in the laundromat.)

My husband LOVES football. I can remember grumbling about this addiction (oh, I mean passion) just a few years ago. I am so grateful to God for helping me to see even this as a way to love my husband. I now show an interest in the games (either by watching them with him or releasing him to go to a friends house with a better TV than ours) and have even made a few fantasy football decisions for him.



Stockxpertcom_id593624_jpg_3bdbcc_5 My husband is an economist, and he was always wanting to talk to me about work. I didn’t really understand all of what he wanted to share, so I bought some books on economics and studied up so I could understand what he was sharing. My husband loved that I took the time to learn about what was so important to him.