Mar 24

Easter Monday

2008 at 2:24 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

Imagine what Peter and John, Mary Magdalene and Mary, Jesus’ mother must have felt the day after the resurrection. I picture them opening their eyes in the morning, and it all coming back with a rush. The tomb is empty! Jesus is alive! But did it really happen or was it just a dream? What overwhelming emotion when they realized once again that it was true! The Savior has risen from the dead! Can you imagine the ecstatic joy? Can you imagine the waves of peace? The uncontainable excitement? It was the morning after the pivotal event in all of human history! Salvation had come to mankind!

It was a day unlike any other day.

Fast-forward two thousand years to today, the day after the day we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. All too often we go back to work or school (or spring break) or the daily routine, little bothering to remember what we celebrated yesterday. We enjoy the ham sandwiches and polish off the deviled eggs (Dad always called them “angel eggs”). But today shouldn’t be “just another day.” For the power of the resurrection is as real as it was the day after that first Easter Sunday. The good news is just as marvelous. The peace and joy and excitement are just as amazing. The Savior is alive! He is risen! That’s why we as Christians should be what author Peter Lewis calls “Easter People.” We should celebrate the resurrection every day!

So to help you make today and every day, Resurrection Day, we want to encourage you to watch this message by Dad, kindly made available to all of us from our good friends at Ligonier Ministries.

Happy Easter Monday, Easter People!