Aug 23

Evangelism 101

2007 at 6:31 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

I have to admit that “Back to School” was never a real exciting time for me. Summer was my cup of tea. But here it is again—the end of August and if you are like me you have to face the facts. Playtime is over and school is starting. Nicole posted a timely reminder yesterday—the Lord is faithful to “go with you” and His grace will be present as you begin this new year.

More important than good grades is the opportunity to share the gospel and be a light to those around you. One of the singles pastors here at CLC, Eric Simmons, gave a message two years ago on evangelism that is a “must-listen” before you hit the books. He provides practical, biblical wisdom to help you reach out to those around you. So, along with text books and school supplies, don’t forget to prepare to be a witness of the love of Jesus Christ this school year.

P.S. To listen to this message, click here.