Oct 19

Friday Funnies

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Nicole may be done talking about food, but like she said, I still have plenty to share on the topic. Our friend Marie, who is also the senior pastor’s wife of a new church, sent me this friday funny which is the perfect conclusion to “food talk” here on “girl talk.” Enjoy!

Janelle for the girltalkers

I have been going to Weight Watchers with about 5 other ladies from our church. I joined mainly because I saw it as a unique opportunity to get to know some of the women in the church and was hopeful that it would help me persevere in trying to lose weight when it is always so very slow for me.

Last Friday night my husband and I were hosting a dinner for the 45 people that recently joined our church. We were having lots of appetizers and desserts instead of an actual dinner. Because I wanted to bless the women who were coming and are participating in Weight Watchers, I decided to put the Weight Watchers points on the little cards identifying the appetizers.

For instance, the scallops wrapped in bacon had a little sign that said ‘Scallops wrapped in Bacon’ and than at the bottom ‘1 point each,’ the Spanikopita, ‘Spanikopita’ and at the bottom 2 points each, etc. I did this for about 8-10 of the different appetizers.

Part way through the evening, as I was replenishing some of the platters, one of the men asked me where I had gotten the scallops wrapped in bacon. Then he proceeded to tell me, “I can understand why you said we could only have one each, because they are really really good”.

After my initial shock, I promptly told him that I was so sorry—he had misunderstood my little labels and he was more than welcome to have as many as he wanted. Later in the evening, I found out that a number of the other men there thought the same thing and that one man who had two of something on his plate had been told: “Didn’t you know you are only allowed to have one of those?”

I have no idea how many people really thought that the first hospitality they went to at the senior pastor’s house was a lot of fun—but a little strange too, in that they limit you to a certain number of appetizers!