Mar 23

Friday Funnies

2007 at 10:29 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Fun & Encouragement | Friday Funnies

Our Friday Funny for this week, sent to us by Joelle, reminded us of someone that we all know and love. This is just like something Nicole would do. Hee hee…

A few weekends ago, a good friend of mine from my childhood, was in town for a work conference and brought her mom with her, who is also a family friend. My husband and I went out to eat with them on Saturday night, and had a great time catching up. So, on Sunday, we decided to have them over for lunch before they had to go to the airport. I wanted to do some last minute cleaning before church, and decided to dust, which I haven’t done in a long time! Really, it was a great idea I thought, and I had the best of intentions.

I ran all over the house like a mad woman, dusting everything I could find, from the TV, to the lamps, to pictures on the wall. Then, after I was done getting ready for church, I walked back through the living room, and I saw a bottle of Raid (fresh scent of course) on the living room floor. You see, we have a small bug problem in our condo when it rains a lot! So, I picked up the bottle, and was like, “What is this doing out?” Then, I realized….. I just dusted the whole house with Raid instead of Pledge. Oh yea- I had just sprayed that stuff all over the whole house. But, really, I had no idea because you couldn’t really smell it—thanks to the fresh scent version!

My husband and I just couldn’t stop laughing about this one. It topped the night I left dinner in the oven all night long at 350 degrees, and the week after our wedding when I washed our brand new pink and white bath towells in the same load! Thankfully the Lord has given my husband a great sense of humor about life with me.

Catch y’all on Monday,
Janelle for my mom and sisters