Jan 27

Getting Mom’s Advice

2009 at 1:09 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

Stockxpertcom_id730289_jpg_1ef3e24751bff3e6e485f527361e5834 For a young woman transitioning to adulthood, a wise mother’s influence, guidance, and instruction are special blessings from God she should enthusiastically embrace. Her mother’s teaching is invaluable as she learns to walk in God’s ways.

So girls, how would you describe your attitude toward your mom and her counsel? Does she fulfill the role God intends as the primary influence in your life?

Not sure? Here’s a little quiz to help you figure it out:

—Who is the first person you go to with a problem or a question?
—Whose opinion matters most to you?
—Whose advice do you trust the most?
—Whom do you go to for comfort in difficult times?
—Whom do you look to for guidance when making decisions?

If Mom was not the answer to most or all of these questions, then whoever was is probably the primary influence in your life—whether you’ve realized it or not. And chances are, you’re missing out on the benefits that follow from your mom’s teaching (remember life and peace and success and all that?).

So please don’t wait another moment. Bring Mom into the details your life. Allow her godly counsel to influence how you think and the decisions that you make.

This may be a new idea for you, but start by doing something simple. Begin by talking to your mom. Share with her what you’ve been thinking about lately, and tell her that you desire for her to be your primary mentor.

You may have only a few short years at home with your mom, so grab hold of this deal before it’s too late!