Aug 24

Guest Blogger

2005 at 1:48 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Singleness

We have been waiting for just the right opportunity to introduce to you one of our favorite people…Her name is Carolyn McCulley. Carolyn has quite the resume. She currently works for Sovereign Grace Ministries coordinating church and media relations. But she is also an extremely wise and gifted writer. She has written dozens of freelance magazine and newspaper articles, and most recently a wonderful book entitled Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?: Trusting God with a Hope Deferred.

Carolyn is a personal friend of mine. I have the privilege of watching this lady up close. Her example of humble service to the Lord and the church is one worthy of following. She exudes joy and kindness to all who interact with her and few will make you laugh like Carolyn. If you ever get to meet her, just ask her to tell you one of her “Carolyn stories”!

We have been receiving a number of questions from single ladies regarding biblical womanhood and we have asked Carolyn to answer some of them for us. She will post for us today and tomorrow in a special two-part “Q & A.” I can’t wait for each of you to benefit from Carolyn’s wisdom just as I have. Be sure to check out Carolyn’s blog at And if you haven’t already, order a copy of her book here.

Carolyn, I’m turning it over to you…