Jun 19


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Our summer craziness is in full swing. A few updates of our “goings on”:


Yesterday, my parents and Mike and I gained official possession of our new house. Also known as the “horsey-lion house.” Caly gave the house this name after one of our first times seeing the house when she spotted a rocking horse and a stuffed lion in one of the children’s rooms. Daddy and Mommy got Caly her own horsey and lion to welcome her on her first day in her new home. We are still a week away from our official move as we will be having some work done on the house over the next few days.


That pretty much describes things right now. We pack and we pack and we pack a little more. The boxes are piling up and every day when Mike comes home from work and looks around, he tells mom and me that we will need a bigger moving truck.



Even in the midst of a move, we couldn’t resist a little strawberry picking. Caly and I ventured out to the fields this morning with our friends and had a blast eating—I mean picking—strawberries. But now it’s back to packing again.


Summer Celebration
This Monday, Summer Celebration is coming to CLC. Yeah! Mike is so excited and keeping super busy planning for the fun. If you have kiddos from ages 6 to 10 and live locally than there is still time to sign up. Just head to the CLC website for details.

That’s all for now, I need to get back to packing. Catch y’all tomorrow!