Aug 5

Janelle’s Picks

2005 at 3:45 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Homemaking | Family Fun

Just mention the phrase “Family Night” and tons of wonderful memories flood my mind. No fair having to pick favorites, but these three come pretty close…

“Progressive Dinner”- This one works great for the little guys. We ate each part of our dinner in a different room while doing an activity. In the first room we ate hot dogs and put a puzzle together. The Memory Game and deviled eggs came with the second room. Apple sauce and story in the third room. We concluded with apple cider and talked about the meaning of each of our names in the last room (to my sisters’ delight that is when I discovered that my name means “gift from God”).

“Fall Fun Night”- This evening consisted of a fall theme relay. The first person to complete the following activities—unscramble fall related words, drink a cup of hot cider, bob for apples, find two hidden gourds outside, and eat a bowl of caramel popcorn—won a prize. Just my kind of relay with plenty of food involved. I can’t remember who won, but it was probably me.

“Silly Night”- On this evening we had to come dressed “silly” for dinner. I can remember running around my house that afternoon trying to put together all of the craziest stuff that I could find. This was right down my alley (probably not one of Kristin’s favorites). We all assembled for dinner looking ridiculous—mismatched outfits and crazy hair. Next we had to eat our meal backwards. This meant starting with dessert (a practice I still enjoy) and ending with our salad. The backwards meal was made more hilarious when mom had us use the wrong utensils for eating our food. This led into a series of silly activities. We drew a picture in the dark. Mom turned out the lights and gave instructions. “Draw the outline of a house. Put a door on the house. Put a tree in the yard…” You get the idea. Not exactly art museum material. Next we all had to draw names and give a silly command to the name that we drew and the evening ended with a lovely family picture. This is a “must do” family night! In fact I might see if the fam is up for resurrecting this one.

I am so grateful for the hours my mom spent making family nights so unique and fun. I can’t wait to do these same activities with my children. I trust that each of you have enjoyed these ideas and that ideas have been sparked in your own minds for your families. Have fun!