Aug 15

Let Peace & Joy Reign

2006 at 5:30 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Joy

Back to School Prep, Part Two. Here are your favorite tricks for a peaceful morning routine. See if you can detect a theme here… From Julie To make my mornings flow easy, I prepare the night ahead: set up the serving tray with bowls, spoons, vitamins, juice cups etc. Set out the cereal boxes, measure the water to boil for oatmeal and cover, set out my husband’s lunch box and pack the non-perishable things (chips etc.). I find that this keeps ME much more positive the next morning and able to focus on the people instead of thinking what I need to do. From Joy Absolutely essential: get up before the kids! The other thing I do is pack my husband’s lunch right after dinner the night before. We homeschool, so I don’t pack the kids lunches. I also will frequently set the table for breakfast and also set out any non-perishables like cereal, bagels, bananas, etc. Then all we have to do is get out the milk and juice. I have little ones, so I make their sippy cups of juice or milk and have them waiting in the fridge. And last but certainly not least, I pray before everyone wakes and I turn on some quiet praise and worship music to set the tone in the house. From Cheryl The best trick for us in getting ready for a school day is preparing the night before. Lunches made, clothes ready, backpacks ready, showers done, knowing where your shoes are, etc. From Mandy After eating breakfast, my step-son usually has a few simple chores like making his bed and taking out the trash. This usually gets his blood pumping and before he leaves for the bus stop, he’s ready for the day! From Audrey My mom would always have her Quiet Time before seven o clock. At seven she would wake my brothers and I up so we all could make our bed, wash up, and get dressed. After waking us up, she would pack my dad’s lunch and make breakfast. When us kids reported downstairs at seven thirty, breakfast was ready to go. The rest of the day slid into place after breakfast was over. And, your ideas for happy carpools…. From Donette To keep us from bickering and arguing, my mom used to have us sing praise songs on the way to school. We even had a folder with the words printed up and each child took turns choosing the song we would sing next. From Kim Whether we are carpooling with one friend, four friends, or just our own gang of girls, everyday we pray on the way to school. It is a wonderful opportunity to set their hearts on honoring their Savior, respecting their authority, showing kindness to their classmates, and asking Jesus to help them with their day—whether it’s a field trip or a final exam day! From Cheryl Before every trip (carpooling) we pray for our safety and for our attitudes to be honoring to the Lord. Most of the time it’s me as the driver who needs prayer the most for my attitude. Worship music can be a blessing during our driving time. Or I’ll have the kids take turns telling me about their favorite part of the day.