Jun 11

Monday Miscellanies

2007 at 6:34 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

Tonight we’re getting together for a girltalk dinner to celebrate Mom’s birthday (which was actually June 1.) But before I fight beltway traffic to meet the better three-fourths of this blog in Maryland, here are a few links and a preview of what you can expect from girltalk this week:

A Little Shopping

Clothespic_2It’s summer, and the search is on for modest clothing. Here are three websites to assist you in your quest to be modestly minded:

Christa Taylor

Down East Basics

Shade Clothing

DISCLAIMER: We at girltalk are not personally acquainted with the owners of these sites. Nor do we presume to put some sort of “girltalk stamp of approval” on their product or company. We simply want to point you in the direction of more modest and attractive apparel options. Please use the same discretion and biblical criteria when shopping at these sites as anywhere else.

For more on modesty: check out our “Fashion and Following the Savior” series and the “Modesty Heart Check.”

A Little Reading Ensor_3 No, in answer to your questions, we did not forget to start the book club. We were simply waiting to make sure everyone received their books. We’re patient like that. But we’re glad you’re impatient to start book club, round three.

About his book, Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart John Ensor claims: “If you are ready to give thought to your steps and can muster the courage to be a nonconformist, this book will give you much to consider and lots of decisions to make.”

Are you ready? Then read chapter one by Friday and join our nonconformist discussion.

A Special Series

Stockxpertcom_id452555_size1On Mother’s Day, we offered encouragement to moms who were encountering trials of various kinds. While we couldn’t speak to everyone, there is a group of women we especially wanted to encourage. But we decided to wait until we could do it properly—or at least as best as we know how. So please join us this week as we talk to, honor, and learn from mothers of children with disabilities. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by their sacrifice and love for the precious children God has given to them.