Jan 23

More Than Necessity

2007 at 5:21 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Homemaking | Family Meals

Stockxpertcom_id567837_size1 Yesterday Mom proposed, with the help of Edith Schaeffer that “meals should be more than just food.”

Today, I want to call upon John Calvin to take us one step further. For a proper understanding of mealtime springs from a biblical understanding of food.

On the subject of food, the esteemed Calvin writes, “If we ponder to what end God created food we shall find that he meant not only to provide for necessity but also for delight and good cheer” (qtd. in Redeeming the Time by Leland Ryken).

If God created food merely to “provide for necessity” then mealtime, although an expression of his sustaining mercy, would be rather unspectacular. However, the fact that God created such a wide variety of foods with an unending combination of flavors and textures for our “delight and good cheer” makes mealtime momentous.

For ultimately, as with all of the good gifts that He freely gives us to enjoy, food is meant to point back to the goodness of The Giver.

In his self-described “happy sermon” about food, one of our favorite teachers, Robin Boisvert elaborates on this point. We want to encourage you to listen to this message as we continue this series. Maybe even turn it on while you’re making dinner!