Jun 25

My New Old Home

2008 at 6:52 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Homemaking

Famblog005 My parents are busy packing to move out of their home. The boxes are piling up and the pictures are coming down from the walls. Actually, it’s still strange for me to think this way, but legally it is my home now and they are renting back from me.

A story is ending and a story is beginning. The door is closing on my life as a daughter in this home and opening to a new role as wife and mother in this home.

I still remember riding with my dad in the big moving truck from our old home in Silver Spring, MD to our brand new home in Gaithersburg. I was eight years old. And as I walk into each room of my new (for the second time) home, so many wonderful memories come to mind….

Mom waking us up each morning with a special song.

Dad leading in morning devotions at the breakfast table.

Birthday celebrations with the “You are Special Today” plate.

Reading and talking long after dinner was finished.

Watching the Redskins with Dad on Sunday afternoon.

Sleepovers with friends.

The surprise graduation party Mom threw for Nicole and me.

The night Brian asked my dad if he could court me.

Trying on my wedding dress in the bedroom.

Rolling my luggage down the hall on my wedding day as I prepared to leave home (for what I thought was the last time!).

And, while almost all of the memories are fond ones, I also remember arguing with my sister in the bathroom each morning over who got to use the hairdryer first! (Love ya, Nic!)

My oldest son Andrew is eight years old—the same age I was when I first rode to this home in the big truck with my dad. He’s going to share the same room with his brothers (yep, bunk beds and a trundle!) that I shared with my sisters. In fact, I’ve found myself planning to arrange our furniture much the same way it was when I first lived here twenty-two years ago. God-willing, I hope Brian and I can make as many wonderful memories for our children as my parents did with us.

Most of all, I pray God will give us grace to carry on the legacy of a loving, joyful, gospel-centered, kingdom-minded, home for His glory.