Jan 31

Sarah’s Hope

2008 at 3:36 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

Speaking of Sarah, Mom’s dear friend (and like a special “aunt” to us girls!) Janis Shank, shared a message on “Hoping in God” from the life of Sarah at a ladies meeting at our church this past weekend. Unfortunately I was unable to attend as Jack came down with a stomach virus about an hour before the meeting. But I have already listened to half of Janis’ message online (as much as the kids allowed!) and I thought the girltalk readers would want to hear it as well.

Janis is as winsome, sweet and God-centered in this message as she is in person. And she is well-qualified to speak about hope in God. She has served her husband (Steve, mentioned in yesterday’s post) for twenty seven years, and in doing so, has served the church faithfully and sacrificially.

Untitled1 “To hope means to look forward expectantly for God’s future activity” Janis quotes the New Dictionary of Theology. Listen now, for more hope-filled truth from God’s Word.