Oct 3

Story on video

2005 at 3:28 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Singleness | Relationship Advice

Hey all, I trust you had a great weekend. Maryland has been enjoying gorgeous fall weather!

After writing my courtship story on Thursday, I remembered that we had shown a video of our courtship and engagement story at our wedding. You see, our wedding was slightly unusual in that we had a surprise wedding. That’s right, our wedding was a secret until the day we got married! Obviously, we told all of our family and close friends ahead of time—they were in on the secret. However, we really wanted our wedding to be a surprise as a way to bless Covenant Life Church.

So the morning of our wedding day, which was a Sunday, my dad officially announced our engagement to the church. Almost everyone knew we were engaged, so that was not a surprise. However, in the very next sentence, he invited them ALL to attend our wedding which was to be held that afternoon!

It was so much fun! Nothing brought us more joy than to celebrate our marriage with the church that we love so much. Our wedding was more like a party for all the kids—young and old. There was face painting, a moonbounce, and ice cream sundaes. It was a day that Mike and I will treasure forever!

All of that to say—I found the little intro video that we showed at our wedding and thought you might like to watch it. It fills in the details that I probably missed in Thursday’s post.

(This video requires QuickTime. Download it free here for Macintosh or here for Windows.)

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