Jun 12

Summer Activities

2008 at 4:57 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Homemaking | Holidays | Motherhood

Untitled5 You all suggested enough summer activities to keep even my energetic boys busy for more than one summer! Rita is our winner for today:


When my children were little and it was a hot summer day, I made sure they were all occupied with something in the house. Then I took a box of popsicles I had purchased from the store, used a hole punch to puncture the wrapping, tied a string to the popsicle wrapping and then hung them from the tree branches of our front yard tree.

I then went into the house and announced, “The popsicle tree is blooming! The popsicle tree is blooming!” They ran outside and saw our tree covered with hanging popsicles! They ran and got their little neighborhood friends and everyone sat outside enjoying popsicles.

To this day, that is the one summer memory they will almost always bring up! It’s inexpensive, easy and a fun surprise!