Jun 11

Summer Goals and Projects

2008 at 5:06 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Homemaking | Holidays | Motherhood

Untitled4 Some more great ideas coming your way today and three more winners to congratulate for their worthy endeavors. May God prosper all of your summer goals and projects!


Create “square foot” gardens with the children (build a garden for each child 3’x3’ or 4’x4’ and let the child choose what they will grow and help them (if they need it) with planting, watering, weeding and let them serve the family (and even neighbors) by sharing the fruits of their labors



The first is something that I’m nervous about, but I think God is calling me to do it. I will be babysitting for two kids from a broken home this summer, 8 hours a day, 3 days a week. That is a lot longer than I have ever worked before! My goal in this is not only to minister to that family, but also to train and prepare myself for my dream job: being a mother.



We’re planning Summer Without Television. We’re doing this because every summer we are easily, easily sucked into hours of watching television. So we’re coming up with activities that will be more interesting, and more fruitful.

The plan is to list things we’d like to learn, or places we’d like to visit, and group those things by theme (art, outdoor activity, etc.) Each theme will get its own day of the week.

So far we’ve got one child who wants to learn how to make stained glass, bake extravagant pastries, draw, and go canoeing. The other wants to make jewelry, learn macrame, knitting, preserve some jellies and jams, and go horseback riding. Both want to visit museums and go hiking and camping.

So, Monday may be designated Art Day, when we’ll work on some projects together. Tuesday could be Baking/preserving Day, (I forsee a lot of care group members getting jellies this Christmas!) Wednesday may be Parks&Rec Day, when we see what the local parks have to offer. Thursday will likely be Visit the Museum Day (almost all of them have free days that we’re taking advantage of)....and you get the idea by now. We’re throwing in a couple weekend camping trips for good measure. (And for those days when everyone wants a break from the schedule, we’ll just pack up some juice boxes and head for the pool!)

If all goes well, we won’t know if America’s Got Talent, who The Mole is, or who wins the NBA finals. But we will have some new skills, and some great memories.