Jun 10

Summer Vacations

2008 at 6:06 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore

Untitled3 Today we’ve combined in one document ideas for summer vacations and summer traveling with kids. Once again, you all are amazing! These ideas are so great they make me excited to go on a road trip with my young kiddos. We could only narrow it down to three winners—one for the Summer Vacations category and two for the Summer Traveling with Kids category. Congratulations ladies, and let us know what book you’d like to receive. More super summer suggestions come your way tomorrow….


My idea for summer traveling with kids comes with a little story:

When my oldest son, Tim, was 2 1/2 years old my Mom moved to Northern California. Many of our vacations included a 6 1/2 hours drive from southern California to “Grandma’s house”. To help answer the questions of, “how long until we get there?” and ” how much farther do we have to go?” I gave Tim a visual aid. I used a highlighter pen to trace our route on a Calif. map which I then covered with clear contact paper. A sticker was used to represent us and it was at first situated on the location of our house on the map. As our trip progressed the sticker was peeled off and repositioned to our current position along the route on the map. This helped give Tim a grasp of how much distance we had traveled and how much was left. Over the years, as Tim became a reader, he was able to read road signs and move the sticker on his own. Tim grew to be fascinated with maps and traveling. (In elementary school he even started a collection of maps from all 50 states). He is now 23 years old and enjoys planning trips and has even traveled to China and throughout Europe.



One of our favorite things to do on a trip is to read a missionary biography together as a family. Geoff and Janet Benge have written a series of books Christian Heroes: Then & Now through YWAM. We have read about Eric Liddell, Nate Saint, Amy Carmichael, George Mueller (who had a very interesting life before God got a hold of his life, his in particular gave us great topics of discussion). Around a campfire or even in a hotel these are great things to read before the kiddos head off to bed. This year we will be reading about Betty Greene who helped found Missionary Aviation Fellowship. We have also memorized a passage of Scripture together as a family. I make verse cards for each of the kids and then we can practice in the car as we travel. It’s humbling how quick the kids can memorize, but it keeps us faithful when we are all memorizing the same things. This year we are hoping to memorize a section of Ps. 119.



Plan a “surprise trip.” When our 4 kids where all under 10, we packed all their bags in advance and then awakened them early (4:00 AM) one morning, put them in the car and headed to Disney World from Virginia! They learned of where we were going when we stopped for breakfast after 3 hours of travel and put a toy Mickey Mouse on the table! They still say this was one of their favorite memories. It doesn’t have to be a big trip like Disney; just any surprise get-a-way (maybe Grandma’s house!) will make a cherished memory!