Nov 22

Thanksgiving Day

2007 at 10:37 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

It all started when Mom called me early this morning to let me know she had a stomach virus. “I’m so sorry,” she told me, “this means that you girls will have to manage the Thanksgiving dinner on your own.” Yeah, right.

Mom has always made the turkey, stuffing and gravy, and even though we each contribute various dishes to the meal, we’ve never pulled it all together by ourselves.

Kristin and I tackled the turkey…which, I’m proud to say came out of the oven around 3pm looking beautiful. But it was downhill from there. For some reason we didn’t get the baking time right for all the dishes. Some were ready too early. Some were ready too late. Then Nicole tried making gravy for the first time, and well, it never actually became gravy. We even forgot to put a couple of smaller condiments on the table.

Let’s just say it was a little more chaotic than when Mom is running the show.

Thanksgiving So, in keeping with the rather hectic day, the only picture I have for you is this blurry one of Kristin and me cooking the prize turkey.

Tonight Mom is feeling better and that’s something we’re very thankful for. She may even be well enough to play in tomorrow’s turkey bowl. We’ll see…