Nov 21

Thanksgiving Prep: For Memories

2006 at 9:24 am   |   by Carolyn Mahaney

Not only should we prepare for people, but we should also prepare for memories. Why is this so important? Noel Piper, in her book Treasuring God in Our Traditions explains:

“You can’t bequeath God to your children. You can leave them the fur coat from your mother, the forested acres from your father, the carved cane from your Uncle Claude, and the clock from your grandmother, but they can’t inherit God from you. God can only be inherited from God…We only become God’s children through our faith, not through our parent’s faith…Now although we can’t bequeath God to our children, we can help them know him and understand him in ways that prepare them to believe in his name. ‘Everyday’ and ‘especially’ traditions in a family are an important part of that teaching, of picturing who God is and what he’s done in our home and in the world. Traditions are a vital way of displaying our greatest treasure, of showing what—Who—is most important to us.”

Traditions are one way we can show that God is most important to us. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder of the faithfulness and provision of God. It’s also a way to promote family unity and closeness, to have fun and enjoy one another’s company for the glory of God. It’s a chance to pause and consider Christ, who is our joy.

Many of you probably have traditions your family has cherished for years. Here are some of our readers’ favorites. In the Mahaney family, the Turkey Bowl is the longest-standing Thanksgiving tradition. (Check in on Friday to find out who was victorious in the great Kristin-Chad rivalry). For Chad, “coupon books” are a continuation of a tradition we began when our girls were little.

However, each year, as the family grows and changes, we make new memories together, just as cherished as the old. What memories can you make this year with cherished family or friends—memories that ultimately point to The One who is most important to us?