Sep 14

The Prayers of a Friend

2005 at 9:52 am   |   by Carolyn Mahaney Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Prayer | Friendship

My very dear friend of thirty years sent me the following email before my husband and I left for Arkansas this past weekend to speak at The Bible Church of Little Rock:

Please know my friend that I will be lifting you up to the “throne of grace” all weekend! May these thoughts from Mr. Spurgeon encourage you as you go to serve the church in Arkansas!:

“Some of you are called to some extraordinary duty and do not feel strong enough. Follow that call, for surely the Lord is in that place. He will help you.”

“...and is it not true that our weakness holds God’s strength, and leads Him to bow His omnipotence to our rescue?” May you be aware of His divine assistance, presence, and pleasure.

Love you! Betsy

After this email a card arrived in our mailbox signed by all the pastors of our church which read: “We were interceding for you, today.” How kind of God to send us into a weekend, bolstered by the prayers, encouragement and support of such friends! And what a weekend it was! CJ and I were asked to speak ten messages—he six times and I four. This gives you an idea of this church’s love for God’s Word (not to mention their stamina!). We were overwhelmed by their attentiveness, responsiveness and encouragement. As an aside—I want to highly recommend that those who live in the Little Rock area visit this God-glorifying church. But most meaningful of all for CJ and me was the new friendships that were formed—starting with the Pastor, Lance Quinn and his wife, Beth. Though we were only with them for three short days, we felt as if we had always known them. This enjoyable and fruitful time, no doubt, was the result of the prayers of our friends back home. So the next time someone says to us, “I’m praying for you,” let’s make sure that we thank them for this unselfish act from which we derive immeasurable benefit. And let’s be inspired to faithfully pray for others. What a meaningful expression of friendship! Thank you, Betsy. Thank you, Pastors of Covenant Life Church.