Oct 24

The Shopping Trip

2005 at 12:55 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

Today I am writing to you from a Panera Bread in Virginia where we women of the Girl Talk blog are taking a break in the middle of our annual shopping marathon.

Yes, as all of you who have read our book Girl Talk will know, we are on “The Shopping Trip.”Some highlights:

After church yesterday, we kicked off the shopping trip at “Five Guys Famous Hamburgers and Fries.” I got some Cajun fries that were delicious.

Kristin and I got a little spat out of the way early so we’re having fun together now. Mom and Janelle helped us to resolve it. They have had a lot of practice in biblical conflict resolution. And no, I won’t tell you whose fault it was this time.

Janelle is happy, because she was able to use her pack of 100 markers to make a red and green Christmas list. That’s the truth.

Crate and Barrel was serving free lattes to demonstrate their new $1500 coffee maker. Yep. Run now and add that baby to your Christmas list. Quick! Supplies are limited!

We get to look for cute little pink outfits for baby Bradshaw.

Mom has a cold. She can hardly talk. But she’s a trooper, no medicine for her. All she needed was a cup of hot tea.

Last night we watched the movie “Because of Winn-Dixie,” which although cute, was quite boring. No unkind emails from Winn-Dixie fans, please.

We accidentally left my bags in my car at the mall fifteen minutes from the hotel and we were too tired to go back. So I am borrowing everything. At least the hotel had a toothbrush. I can’t blog until I’ve brushed my teeth.

So, it’s off to the races again today. But we thought we’d leave you with something a little more substantive. Sovereign Grace Church of Fairfax) is hosting a series of women’s meetings this year with the theme “Femininity: God’s Way in a Wrong Way World.” Our first speaker was Carolyn McCulley who spoke to us on the topic of “The Subtle Influence of Feminism.” You can listen to the audio by clicking here. This message has continued to influence me since I heard it several weeks ago and I trust it will inform, encourage, and inspire you as well.

Have a great day, everyone!