Nov 29

The World:Temptation in Prosperity

2007 at 2:56 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

Stockxpertcom_id280962_size1_2 So now my mom’s got me thinking about worldliness. The fact is, that we are most in danger of worldliness when things are going well. Christmas can be a time of particular temptation because it is a time of particular prosperity. Family and friends are gathering. School is out. There are cards and gifts. And don’t forget Christmas dinner! For many of us, prosperity abounds in this season. And worldliness easily goes undetected.

Where is worldliness? you ask. It is there when I prioritize holiday activities over my time with the Lord. Or when I look to the superficial joys of this season for happiness rather than the truth of God’s Word.

Mr. Spurgeon warns us to beware of worldliness in prosperity:

“But another testing moment is prosperity. Oh! there have been some of God’s people, who have been more tried by prosperity than by adversity. Of the two trials, the trial of adversity is less severe to the spiritual man than that of prosperity. It is a terrible thing to be prosperous. You had need to pray to God, not only to help you in your troubles, but to help you in your blessings. Mr. Whitfield once [requested prayer] for a young man who had—stop, you will think it was for a young man who had lost his father or his property. No! ‘The prayers of the congregation are desired for a young man who has become heir to an immense fortune, and who feels he has need of much grace to keep him humble in the midst of riches.’ That is the kind of prayer that ought to be put up; for prosperity is a hard thing to bear.”

So let’s pray this for ourselves and our loved ones: that God would “help us in our blessings.” That He would give us “much grace to keep us humble in the midst of riches” this Christmas.