Apr 18

Tori and Me

2007 at 5:52 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood

NictoriblogMy little Tori turned two weeks old yesterday. She’s doing very well—loves to eat and sleep and let her big brother Jack put her passy in her mouth.

It’s impossible to adequately thank all of you for your prayers over the past two years as we wondered if we could have more children, then during morning sickness and finally as I faced a high-risk delivery. Thank you for caring for me in trial and for rejoicing with me in the blessing of this little one. Your emails of encouragement and congratulations mean so much to me and I intend to save them to show them to Tori one day.

Several of you have kindly inquired about the somewhat abrupt end to the birth-day coverage two weeks ago. I am so grateful for your care and concern. As you already know, I ended up needing a D&C procedure following Tori’s birth. The placenta had attached itself to the c-section scar and needed to be removed. God was gracious and the procedure was successful.

However, in the process I lost a lot of blood (about twice as much as women normally lose in childbirth). This was further complicated by the fact that I was already anemic going into delivery. So the next day, the doctor ordered a blood transfusion and put me on an iron regimen. In addition, a number of potentially serious concerns surfaced within the first twenty-four hours of Tori’s birth—related to both my and Tori’s health.

In the midst of the transfusion and tests and consultations with various doctors, Mom, Janelle and Kristin were so busy helping Steve care for Tori and me that they were unable to update the blog.

While the nature of the potential concerns is probably not appropriate to mention in this context, we were very grateful to receive back favorable test results on all fronts within about thirty-six hours. And both Tori and I came home from the hospital only three days after she was born.

My recovery has been slow due to the anemia. I still have a ways to go before my numbers reach “normal” range again. But I am thanking God for His faithfulness in preserving my life and giving us a healthy little girl. And I am thankful to you for your prayers.

Hope you enjoy these pics Janelle snapped of my little girl!