Aug 21

Train Up A Child

2006 at 3:17 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore

Trainup As parents, Brian and I are eager to get our hands on any resource that will help us teach and train our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Recently, Brian came across a book that, although small in size, is substantial in value. Originally written by the Reverend Thomas G. Kay, and updated by Shirley Windham, it is entitled, Train Up A Child.

Shirley Windham is actually a friend of a friend so to speak, as she is a member of Ligon Duncan’s First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Duncan—besides being a very dear friend of my dad’s is also one of the Together for the Gospel foursome.

Train up a Child is a 32-page simple discipleship program for children ages 3-17. It is a guide for instructing your child in both Bible memorization and basic theology. For each year of your child’s life you’ll find a brief (one to two page) plan, thematically arranged. There are hymns to learn each year as well as suggested books to read with your children. And the plan is easily modified to fit your preferences or child’s comprehension level. Even though we don’t adhere to the author’s views on infant baptism, this tool will help you to be intentional and effective in teaching God’s Word to your children. We’re excited about using it with our three sons!